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Alternative ways to use your wax melts


ceramic burner

While our much loved wax melt burners are out of stock I wanted to offer you 2 alternative ways that you can continue to enjoy your wax melts. 

The beauty of sunshine

Gather your wax melts into a pot and place on a sun filled windowsill in your home.  During the day the sunlight will gradually warm the melts releasing the scent into your home.  The result will be more subtle than using a burner but it will offer a lovely gentle aroma. 

Always use a deep enough dish for your melts so that it catches any wax while it melts. 

Popping underneath a lamp can also work. 


On the stove

An alternative method where you must supervise at all time but it does work.

Allow a pan of water to gently simmer on your stove then place a couple of wax melts into a large heatproof bowl that would rest on top of the pan (as if you were melting chocolate) the melts will slowly melt whilst filling your kitchen with your favourite fragrance. Once fully melted turn the hob off and the aroma will continue whilst the melt transitions back from liquid to solid. 


Don't worry if you would rather melt the traditional way, my olive branch ceramic burners are due back in stock in the next couple of weeks for you enjoy effortlessly. 


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