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A candle to cherish


Ceramic Candles



From the very beginning, I have created every Olivetreehome candle to be more than a candle that is just there to be burned, then cast aside and forgotten. 

Refill and repurpose are the two words at the heart of every single one.  

Did you know that every candle you buy from me can be refilled at half the price! All you have to do is package up safely and return to the Olivetreehome studio, let me know your chosen fragrance, (you can choose a different one each time) and I'll take care of the rest.  Delivering it back to your home smelling as gorgeous as the day it arrived. 

If you would prefer not to refill, all my candle pots have been chosen and designed especially so that they can easily enjoy a second life with a whole new meaning. 

My ceramic olive branch pots arrive complete with a wonderful wild flower infused candle topper, not only does this keep the candle dust and debris free, this can be planted inside the pot once its flame has flickered for the last time.  Simply fill the pot with 2/3 soil, dampen the seed paper and tear into smaller pieces then plant under the final layer of soil. Then water, wait and admire. 

If you don't fancy the green fingered approach, the ceramics can make perfect coffee cups, serving bowls, pen pots, fruit bowls, well the possibilities are endless..

I designed my boutique collection with the idea that they double up as beautiful drinking glasses when empty, Perfect to collect and enjoy together. 

Cleaning them out is easy, I only ever use natural wax so they are super easy to clean. No having to freeze like paraffin candles. Simply scoop out any remaining wax into the bin then use hot soapy water to wash out the residue and there you have it. 

If you have any other ideas, I'd love to know and see how you choose to add extra life into your candle jar. 

 Candle refill and repurpose

Helen x