Behind the brand – Olivetreehome

Behind the brand


Hi, I'm Helen,

Owner and creator of Olivetreehome.  

Here I would like to share a little bit more about me and why I love what I do. 

After always having a passion for interior design, (I guess moving 15 times as a child allowed me lots of opportunities to decorate my room) and a huge 300 mile move from the Lake District to Essex 9 years ago, allowed me time to really think about my career. I took a break to focus on my young children for a few years after the move but then after attending a furniture painting course with my friend one Sunday afternoon back in 2017 I knew I wanted to do more and embrace my passion for helping create beautiful and happy homes.

Olivetreehome was born and began life as a furniture redesign business, Whilst waiting for paint to dry I began experimenting with candle making and scent blending and I soon realised that there was far more to just creating a candle. These candles can instantly make a room feel inviting. Memories started to flood back when blending certain fragrances and I realised these were powerful and gorgeous jars of happiness. Gradually my candle house grew and I no longer had the time to focus on both painting furniture and developing my candle brand which was where I realised my passion really was. Since then I have developed my collections with beauty at their heart.

My idea to scent weddings allowing special memories to come flooding back is an idea I wish I had thought of when I got married! I have also started teaching candle making classes in beautiful venues in Essex, which also includes teaching the cast of TOWIE in one of their 10th anniversary episodes. I now offer limited edition luxury candle making kits which have been hugely popular since last March when the dreaded C word struck! but what I am so proud of is the monthly subscription boxes I launched last August. The wonderful feedback I receive from my lovely customers who enjoy these every month, makes me so happy!

Thanks for spending the time to read, have a browse and take a look around and please please do ask if you have any questions or ideas you may like to ask.

Helen x