Behind the brand – Olivetreehome

Behind the brand


Hi, I'm Helen!  owner/creator of Olivetreehome. 

Growing up in the beautiful lake district, I am a northern girl at heart, but along with my little family, we made the huge decision to move down south over 8 years ago now!!. We are now building a great life in Chelmsford, Essex.  I can honestly say we have not looked back..

With the support of my fab husband Paul and my 2 children, Emily and Harry, I created my little business back in October 2017.  
What originally began as a furniture redesign business Olivetreehome has organically grown into the candle house it is today after I became slightly addicted to creating and experimenting with candle making whilst waiting for my painted furniture to dry!!
I am obsessed with scent and its amazing effect on feelings, moods and its wonderful power to evoke memories.  
This led to the creation of my candle house. My passion is to produce luxurious candles that you can actually smell and feel that extra bit special about giving and receiving. 
I also spend the time sourcing reuseable and recyclable packaging which is something I feel super passionate about. 
These candles make the perfect gift for many occasions such as, Mothers Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, wedding gifts, but did you know I also offer to scent your wedding?
Maggie Steifvatter famously wrote how scent has the strongest tie to your memory, can you imagine working with me to create your very own perfect scented candles for your special day, the fragrance filling the wedding venue! We can then work together to produce mini versions as favours for your guests. Every time you smell your personally chosen fragrance your mind will be full of special memories!! 
My love to explore scent and candle creation has led to me offering candle making classes and luxury Candle making kits so that you too can explore this wonderful craft. 

Thank you so much for spending the time to read, I really hope you love my little brand as much as I do.
Helen x