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It's all about the pattern...


Lino print candle


Pattern has played an important role within interior design for years

Patterns can be used to create a particular mood or style in a space. For example, a floral pattern might be used to create a feminine or romantic atmosphere, while a bold geometric pattern might be used to create a more modern or industrial feel.

I recently became fascinated with the craft and art of block and lino printing which grew in popularity thanks to artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Wassily Kandinsky, and David Hockney. 

Traditional wooden block printing originates from Asia way back in the 3rd century which I find fascinating and I am keen to bring this beautiful craft back within my candle collections, complementing my olive branch ceramics which are cleverly created by my ceramicist Katie using a lino print technique. 

Last week I was invited to showcase my very first lino print design when I attended the 3rd business birthday party of Lisa, founder of the wonderful Stories Society. Nervous is an understatement, every single jar had been hand printed using a block hand carved by me and therefore every one unique and one of a kind. I filled the jars with Lisa's favourite Sandalwood & Black Pepper and I'm happy to say, they were a real hit!

Designer candles

I am now working on creating as a permanent collection for you all to enjoy very soon, monthly subscription box customers will receive next month. 

The beauty is not only the fact that they are created using a traditional technique, they will make a statement in your home, can easily be designed using various colourways, will be as always, refillable and when washed out will keep their design to be used all over the home. As you know by now, I'm not a lover of labels. 

So keep your eyes peeled, there's so much more to come... 

Helen x