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How to layer your home fragrance

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Your home is a sanctuary, a place where you can unwind, relax and escape the stresses of everyday life. 

Fragrance layering or scent-scaping is an art that allows you to transform your living space into your very own personalised scented haven. 

Simply put, you can combine scented candles, reed diffusers, wax melts and fresh flowers strategically throughout your home to create an immersive and inviting atmosphere that engages all of your senses. 

Consider the placement of fragrances within a room to achieve a balanced and enveloping scent.

Position reed diffusers in different corners to ensure fragrance reaches every nook and cranny, taking into account factors such as airflow and proximity to doors and windows. Reed diffusers will always evaporate much quicker if placed near radiators. Then light a candle in the same scent or experiment by choosing a complementary fragrance blend.  It's your home so scent as you wish.  I have a customer who always loves to burn 2 different candle fragrances in the same room to achieve her very own bespoke fragrance, have fun experimenting with your own combinations. 

Lighting a scented candle will instantly deepen the fragrance diffused adding a brand new dimension and creating this layered effect. 

fragrance layering


Tailor to every room 

Areas of your home offer different purposes, for example, your hallway acts as the backbone of your home so fresh and inviting scents are perfect. Reed diffusers are a great choice, I love Botanical Garden in my hallway along with a fresh bunch of flowers to elevate. 


Living room

Generally the room where you relax at the end of the day,  Create an inviting, cozy environment by placing scented candles on coffee tables or shelves choosing warm and comforting scents with notes such as cinnamon in the colder months but lighter fresher, citrus scents during summer months.  Team with diffusers with floral notes adding a pleasant and long lasting fragrance to the room.  I choose Peppery Rose for my living room every time. 



Your sanctuary, a place of rest and relaxation. Opt for soothing fragrances that promote tranquility and help you unwind. Lavender is perfect, known for its calming properties. Go for a diffuser for your bedside table along with a bunch of dried lavender. 



Associated with cleanliness and freshness.  Enhance this feeling by choosing crisp and invigorating scents such as eucalyptus, mint or citrus.  Reed diffusers and fragranced wash and lotions are perfect.  Our Lemongrass & Eucalyptus essential oil wash and lotions are not only beautiful to use but will also subtly scent your sink area and will look pretty gorgeous too.  Additionally scented candles or wax melts in the bathroom will create a relaxing ambiance during a long leisurely bath. 



The place where everyone gets together, socialise, cook, well the hub of the home. Its also a space where aromas from food can linger. Balance this by adding a neutralising reed diffuser such as peppermint & eucalyptus and add ambience by burning a candle in the same scent.  Be careful not to overpower though, so be mindful of the space in the room. 



Enhance your focus and concentration by adding scents that help improve concentration. Rosemary and citrus blends are well known for their focus enhancing properties.  A reed diffuser on you desk can provide a subtle and long lasting refreshing fragrance, or use a wax melt burner melting blends such as wild lemongrass to really help invigorate your mind and get those ideas flowing.. 

I hope this has given you some ideas to layer fragrance in your own home.  Remember to experiment and make your home unique to you. 


Helen x