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Choosing the perfect scents..

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So in my last blog I talked a lot about how my Artisan Candle Collection was born. 

So you've been with me on the lino-print journey now let's talk fragrance, after all that's what we all want from a scented candle. Long lasting beautiful fragrance. Scent you can enjoy even before the candle is lit! Well if you've experienced an Olivetreehome candle before you'll know what I'm talking about. 

I am super fussy when it comes to the scents I offer.  All of my oils have to be paraben and phthalate free and smell true not horribly synthetic as so many candles can. 

I have dabbled with pure essential oils in my candles before but this time I wanted to launch a collection that would only contain essential oils and after months of experimenting with different blends I feel I have found my five perfect combinations and hopefully there is one for everyone. 

Olivetreehome fans have loved uplifting Lemongrass & Eucalyptus and calming Petitgrain & Rosemary for a few years now through my hand and body collection so I felt they have a tried and tested following deserving of a scented candle to further enjoy. 

Orange & lavender have always been in my top best selling blends so I figured why not team together and the result is perfect! hello Sweet Orange & Lavender. 

Black Pepper, Ginger & Neroli adds a warm and slightly spicy addition loved by both men and women but my personal favourite has to be Geranium & Clary Sage and it's unlike anything I've offered before and reminds me of sitting in my garden soaking up the scents of my geraniums after the rain has fallen, I just love it!

I'd love to know your favourite and if it reminds you of a particular time or place. 

Speak soon


Helen x