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Scent your Wedding Experience

It's a common fact that scent evokes particular memories.  Imagine choosing a scent together, especially for your wedding day.  Filling the venue with beautiful fragrance burning in stunning cut glass, vintage style jars.

Your guests are then able to capture these memories in the form of a miniature soy wax scented candle.

The perfect forever gift for birthdays, anniversaries etc.. reminding you of your special day every time you burn..

I start off by finding out which scents work for you as a couple. To do this, I will ask you some questions like....How you met, your favourite place, what are your values as a couple and how would you like the scent to make your wedding venue feel..  Talk about places which have a deep emotional connection.  This may take some thinking about but the result will be so amazingly personal to you both. 

Following on from this, I will use this information to create samples for you to try in your home.  

Once we have discovered your perfect scent.  I can move onto the next stage with you, deciding how many of these gorgeous cut glass candle jars you would like burning throughout your day. They look amazing even without the scent!!

This will be where the memory is created and evoked every time you experience your scent. 

Your guests are able to take home miniature versions of these beautiful jars, housing this same scented candle.  They too will be taken straight back to your wonderful day every time they burn.

I will keep a log of all of the scents created for couples for their day enabling you to contact me and I can recreate for anniversaries, birthdays etc... forever evoking memories...

This package can be flexible dependent on your circumstances.

To ask me any further questions simply use the 'contact' link at the bottom of the page. 

Helen x