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My OTH Sustainability Promise

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I have recently been spending time putting a lot of thought and planning as to how and what I can do to continue to improve and make sure that Olivetreehome always strives to be more and more planet friendly so a couple of changes have been made and I have plans to continue to make more as part of my OTH sustainability promise.

One thing I will never compromise on though is beauty and luxury and I feel there is absolutely no need to. These things can easily come in hand in hand and Olivetreehome will stay true to the luxurious brand it has become.

So first on the list for 2021 was to offer pure white cotton Olivetreehome drawstring bags with every large cut glass candle, instead of the ribbon tied gift boxes.

My reason for this, is as beautiful as these boxes are, we only need so many in our homes right! and they can take up unnecessary space or simply get wasted. These fab bags can be so easily reused for toiletries, face masks, the list is actually endless and they take up little or no room in your home.

The gift boxes will absolutely still be an option as an add on if you are sending or giving as a gift and would prefer the gift box, but you now have the option.

All gift sets will still arrive in a gift box as this suits the multiple products. The mini candle collection will also continue to arrive in a ribbon tied box, but these boxes can easily be folded flat and popped in your recycling. No problemo!!

I have also swapped packing tape for paper box seal labels which look so much prettier and are plastic free too, winner winner!!


Eco-friendly packaging
Did you know?

The white packing peanuts inside your Olivetreehome delivery can be completely dissolved by popping in your sink, pouring running water over them and voila!! They will disappear before your eyes!!! Now isn't that planet friendly packaging at its best!


Helen X