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Photo Shoot

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Hi there!!

Well, here goes...hopefully the first of many blog posts.

I am actually sat typing this up in the early hours of the morning before the mad rush in our house begins!! I feel this may be my blogging hour!

The reason for this sudden urge to blog is down to my mind buzzing with excitement after experiencing the most amazing day yesterday working with a photographer and photo stylist. Over the last few weeks we have worked together to develop mood boards, creating a vision prior to yesterdays photo shoot. Working alongside the truly amazing Hiral from HjBranding photography and the lovely Liz from Bit2flash we spent time creating a catalogue of images using a selection of my scented soy wax candles. They were styled beautifully and completely reflect my brand and passion for the carefully selected fragrances and ingredients that I choose. 

I am sooo excited to see the final shots and share with you guys. 

After experiencing this day, I now truly believe that investing the time and money in professionals who dedicate the time to get to know you and your brand, working with you as a team to produce stunning professional photographs is 100% worth it.  I can't wait to receive a beautiful portfolio of images which I can then use on my website, marketing materials and in magazine features.

The attached pic show a  behind the scenes shot. Being involved in this was a complete eye opener into the passion, time and commitment these two ladies give to their jobs. I love taking my own photos but having those extra professional images will make a huge difference!!  At the same time I have had an insight as to how they create such beautiful photography and I am hoping to replicate some of these tips within my own pics, although I lack the many years of experience which they ooze..  

Well I think I hear little footsteps upstairs so I may have to sign of for now and prepare for a day of creating a brand new scented soy wax candle range which I will share with you all shortly.  A new idea for Olivetreehome and one that is very close to our hearts.  Stay tuned..

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Helen X


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