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Motor Neurone Disease Fundraising Candle

Fundraising Candle MNDA Motor Neurone Disease Sandalwood Candle Scented Soy Candle

You may have noticed that I am selling a very special candle in my shop. This beautiful amber jar candle, scented with Sandalwood pure soy wax has a story behind it.  A couple of years ago, our family received the devastating news that my father in law had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.  Like many people, on receiving this news, we did not know an awful lot about the disease.  Thankfully the symptoms are progressing slowly and we are forever grateful for this. 

As a family we have organised numerous fundraising events but I wanted to produce something that would continuously help raise awareness of this disease as well as raising money.  By purchasing one of these candles, you are not only a part of helping achieve this but your home will also smell amazing!!

From every Sandalwood Serenity candle purchased, I will donate £5.00 towards the MNDA.  

Sandalwood Serenity, came from the fact that during a visit from my parents in law, my mother in law popped out one day and bought some Sandalwood essential oil.  This was to help my father in law as an anti-inflammatory.  Once I created my first candle using this scent as a tester, I knew it was the perfect fragrance and would suit both men and women 

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